[:en]Cenergy Solutions, a leader in adsorbent natural gas (ANG) technology and equipment has a biogasbiomethane) system to help farms, communities and businesses around the world store and use their biogas, reducing venting and flaring methane.
Cenergy Solutions announced today that they are introducing a complete ANG system to capture, store, transport and utilize biomethane worldwide. It is estimated that 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 1.6 trillion cubic meters of biogas are vented or burned worldwide each year from oil wells and biogas digesters, this does not include the biogas that goes uncaptured. Methane,thought to be 25 times more harmful to the atmosphere than CO 2 , is being released at an alarming rate because it is too expensive to compress to high pressures for storage and transport. Cenergy Solutions’ low- Oil Wells Flaring Natural Gaspressure adsorbent natural gas and biogas technology can economically capture, store, transport and utilize this wasted energy in vehicles, for cooking, heating and to power manufacturing and power plants.
Once this wasted gas is captured it can not only replace gasoline, diesel and coal it can also replace liquid propane gas (LPG) which is a fossil fuel used around the world for cooking, vehicle operation and other energy applications. LPG is more expensive, harder to get and not as safe as natural gas or biogas. Natural gas or biogas can be used for cooking and heating at a much lower cost than LPG. Cenergy Solutions has a new system to fill tanks, which will replace LPG tanks, comprised of a CSA and UL certified natural gas compressor, DOT compliant tanks, a manifold system for filling several tanks at once and a proprietary valve and patent pending filter. Any
application where LPG is used can be replaced with biomethane stored and transported in Cenergy Solutions’ ANG tanks. Cenergy Solutions’ proprietary biomethane distribution system is shown to the right with a CSA certified compressor and DOT compliant Type 1 tanks to store and distribute biomethane. The compressor fills the ANG tanks to be distributed to customers to replace their LPG tanks. The optional buffer tank can hold any excess biomethane for later use. With this unique system you can fill multiple ANG tanks at the same time exchanging the full tanks with empty tanks as needed with Cenergy’s quick connect nozzle and coupler. This low-pressure system makes it easy, safe and economical to store and distribute biomethane around the world.
Gary Fanger, COO of Cenergy Solutions said, “Throughout the world most countries rely heavily
on LPG to supply their citizens the energy they need to cook, heat and fuel generators. LPG is
afossil fuel that is processed from oil or natural gas. Now countries have the option to supply their
population with biomethane that is made on their farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants
with Cenergy’s ANG distribution system.” Cenergy Solutions has signed their first licensing
agreement with a biogas plant in India which currently makes over two tons of methane per day
and is increasing their production to ten tons of methane per day. The owner of the biogas plant
has told Cenergy Solutions that they have customers anxious to use the new ANG tanks to replace
their LPG tanks. Using ANG tanks filled with biomethane will be a significant savings for the
biogas plant and the customers they serve.
Cenergy Solutions’ adsorbent natural gas and biogas technology allows you to store methane
molecules in a dense state at low pressures. You can store 3-5 times the amount of natural gas or
biogas in an ANG tank as you can in a conventional compressed natural gas tank at the same
pressure. Three years ago, Cenergy Solutions made a breakthrough in ANG technology making it
so they could get natural gas and biogas to adsorb and desorb efficiently and economically as
needed in any gas storage container. The World Intellectual Property Organization, PCT and the
US patent office gave Cenergy Solutions an official opinion that their proprietary ANG equipment
is patentable. Since this recent opinion was given Cenergy Solutions has filed patents in 62
strategic countries.
Cenergy Solutions is looking for interested parties around the world to distribute their ANG
systems to capture, store and utilize biogas for the energy needed to replace gasoline, diesel, coal,
biomass and LPG. If you are interested in getting more information please email
garyf@cenergysolutions.com or call us at 510-474-7593.
About Cenergy Solutions
Cenergy Solutions has brought cutting-edge adsorbent natural gas (ANG) technology and
equipment to market for vehicles and other applications throughout the world. Cenergy currently
sells DOT-compliant ANG and CNG cylinders and conformable tanks, approved ANG low
pressure compressors for home and businesses, NGV conversion equipment, large ANG storage
and transportation tanks and EPA-compliant natural gas conversion systems for gasoline vehicles.
Cenergy Solutions offers economical storage of natural gas and biogas for power plants, vehicles,
wellhead storage and virtual pipelines which facilitates cleaner air and improved economy and
energy independence. Additional information is available at www.cenergysolutions.com.
Contact: Gary Fanger, COO/CTO, Cenergy Solutions, 510-474-7593


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