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Fleet of natural gas vehicles

Natural gas is used to fuel more than 20 million vehicles worldwide. This includes cars, vans, heavy urban vehicles (buses and refuse trucks), forklifts, long haul trucks, railroad and shipping.

The main part of Spain’s NGV fleet are heavy vehicles used in the urban environment. However, growing is also both long haul road transport fuelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) as well as the use of gas-powered cars and vans for urban delivery, as taxis, etc.

The total number of natural gas vehicles in Spain and their energy consumption have evolved in recent years, as shown in the attached graphs:
Consumo de gas natural vehicular en España (GWh/año)

Matriculaciones de vehículos a gas natural por años

Parque de vehículos de gas natural en España, por años

Gas Vehicles in Spain and Their Energy Consumption.