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Objectives & how to join


  • To act as the single Iberian platform for the promotion of natural gas as a vehicle fuel for road, railway and maritime transportation. To involve all the peninsula’s relevant industry segments with the aim of using the advantages provided by natural gas as a fuel: reduced operational costs, environmental benefits, compliance with the latest emission standards, modernisation of infrastructure.
  • To establish harmonised legislation foremost related to security aspects, but also regarding the development of financial aids and incentives for the deployment of natural gas as a vehicle fuel.
  • To influence the formation of opinion among authorities, potential user companies and citizens in order to generate support for natural gas as a fuel that provides both economical and environmental advantages.


How to join

We invite you to contribute to our work and benefit from the achievements of GASNAM as the representative, interlocutor and forum for promoting the interests of the gas sector of the Iberian Peninsula.

Please fill the required details of your enterprise into the application form found below and, once signed, send it to

Once your request has been processed, we will get back to you.

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